Inspired by the Spirit


LEANA STERLINA provides a diverse aesthetic and language through clothing to tell their story of who they feel they are, were, and will be. We embrace human nature and the full expression of the soul by the stripping away of all the superficialities that dominate today's consumer industry. Our products embody what it means to be human in the most fundamental way: a physical manifestation of the Universal Energy. LEANA STERLINA inspires and empowers its customers to discover their unique selves and live life free from the restrictions of society. We understand need for individuality and self-expression, whilst uniting people through a growing community centered on positive energy. We are all more than just our bodies, and we deserve to show that to the world. 

Our goal is to fill the spiritual needs of everyone by making beautiful and practical clothing that available to virtually everyone. Please contact if you and anyone you know would like to work out an affordable custom piece.


Earth-Friendly Practices

LEANA STERLINA is constantly striving for innovative ways to implement sustainable technology and join the fight against fast-fashion. By striving to use natural and enduring textiles, LEANA STERLINA is fighting to alleviate the effects the most wasteful industry today to make a better tomorrow. 

We urge you to contact our designer, Leana Neyman, to revamp your LEANML products to fit with the changing trends for a small fee. 


Stellar Culture and Products

All our products are handmade in NYC and delivered right to your door in the most timely fashion. Everything is made to order, so please allow some time for your items to be created. We will contact you regarding the estimated time needed to make your order and an ETA. 

We strive to provide the best customer service. If you are unhappy with your product, contact us and we'll be happy to work something out!

Giving Back

For every $200 spent you will receive a free custom order worth up to $50. Leana Sterlina will get in contact with you upon placing your order.